Album artwork for Lay Down

Lay Down Kalyma

Release date: July 1, 2016
Cat No: Connected 006
Barcode: 880319772214
Connected 006
8,20 €
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The debut release for Kalyma on connected – The Brixton / Berlin based label distributed by Kompakt Records and run by Terranova and Stereo Mc’s. A1 ‘LayDown’ original Kalyma teams up with his friend, singer and songwriter Peter Stanowsky. The song was written during a relaxed and loose jamming session in late summer time at their home studio.The vocal performance is surrounded by a groovy and very percussive beat. After a long, calm intro a hypnotic bass melody kicks in together with more percussive elements in order to get up to full speed. The catchy bass combined with the repetitive vocals gets the listener in a driving, rhythmical, dreamy mood ‘Lay Down“ was made to enable smooth transitions in the dynamic range of a diverse house DJ set, without loosing energy and create a special intimate, percussive vibe A2 ‘LayDown (Florian Busse Mix) A hypnotic ping pong tom groove that gets heavier with the introduction of a lazy distorted bassline. Provides an easy ride for the vocal to entwine with as the music elevates with the rise of snake-like synths B1 ‘LayDown’ (Aaaron Vinyl Exclusive Mix) With whiffs of Kraftwerk-like electronics and a rolling percussive underscore , Peter’s vocal bounces across the ever changing groove helped by rhythmic stabs and mysterious drones as the groove gets minimal and sequences motor to the end . B2 ‘LayDown’ (Aaaron Mix) A driving ,solid, nailed to the tracks club groove with exotic sounds peering through the sonic picture in a deep subtle carnival celebration. The vocal talks to us without interrupting the movement as bass synths juxtapose to the rhythm and electronic percussion punctuates the atmosphere,absorbing us into the tune.

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