Album artwork for Learning How To Die

Learning How To Die thePhilosophica



Release date: October 28, 2022
Cat No: AEON060
Barcode: 4250101448881
Digital Single
AEON is happy to welcome thePhilosophica to the family. With all three coming from different fields and backgrounds they converged into a musical trifinium. What had begun as a ‚let’s-see-what- happens‘- situation developed into a permanent collaboration with one intention: making music that reflects and portrays their diversity and makes it accessible to radically different environments and junctures.

We proudly present a stunning 4 Tracker EP with Remixes from Aheadacheaday and the infamous Chinaski.

“The Straussian Method” was born restless, inspired by the belief in the almost infinite malleability of human kind. “The Straussian Method” was born restless. Dragging basslines from the sewers and dripping sultry acid lines from the ceiling, TSM condemns those who live in a world of illusions and self-deception. “Rhetorical Procedure” is a simulation, it is the form of the future that deals with what may happen. Sharp snares and eloquent pads set the perfect canvas for the acidic brushstrokes in desperate need to establish that change is possible. AHEADACHEADAY brings the raw breakbeat drum-work with his electro remix on “The Straussian Method”. Based on cynicism and irony to critique his surroundings, distorted bass lines take control to expose the filthy shame of mortals. Known for his works on Running Back and Dischi Autunno, Chinaski brightens “The Straussian Method” by taking the rotten elements from the original version, and through a process of RetroSYNTHesis, sets the High Energy vibe and gives us back the faith in humanity.

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