Album artwork for Left My Body EP

Left My Body EP Da Mike

Release date: October 7, 2022
Cat No: Connected 109
Barcode: 4250101448478
Digital Single
Connected 109
connected welcomes back label regular Da Mike for a fresh new tune featuring American vocalist Biishop with remixes from David Mayer and Kintar.

Da Mike is one of Greece's finest electronic exports and someone who can do all forms of house music. His decade- long journey has taken him to Saved, MoBlack and King Street where his emotive and pulsing grooves continue to stand out.

His captivating new track 'Left My Body' started in the Greek countryside in the second lockdown. It has a machine-like drum and synth rhythm with flashes of melancholic melody that cast a dreamy spell. The striking vocal from Biishop describes an out-of-body experience in powerful fashion before a poignant breakdown resets the mood and the tune rolls once more.

After some time away, David Mayer is back on the label with one of his trademark remixes. He takes the tune deep, stripping it back and allowing the bassline room to breathe. All in all, it's a track that has an excellently alluring effect. Last up is Argentina's Kintar who has an ever-growing production and remix profile on labels like Sudam Recordings and Mistique Music as well as this one. Here he adds some extra thump to the bottom end while tweaking the arrangement but allowing the original vocal to retain its hovering glory.

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