Leko (Remixes)

Label: Burek
Release date: September 7, 2018
Cat No: BRK017
Barcode: 880319969515
12,80 €
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Reworking a big tune is never a simple task, especially if after 7 years the tune in question is still one of the highlights in shows of one of the worlds most beloved live act performers, KiNK. That's only half of the story though, as the tune got a lot of love from so many DJ's all over the globe. However, for the 17th Burek release, we wanted to do something really special and what could be better than giving new life to a piece of music which literally gave life to our label. And we gathered some very interesting people for the job.A1 KiNK - Leko (Kink's Bass Shake Version) is a rework by none other thank KiNK himself. The original is a party monster as it is, so Strahil opted for an alternative approach that sheds an nteresting light on a familiar song. Huge resonating bassline A2. In 2013 KiNK had an successful E.P. with Rachel Row called Follow The Step which had a major impact on both of their careers. Later while touring with Rachel she had an idea to put some vocals on top of the first Leko track, which now turned into a completely different, slow track with the familiar piano melody. B1 KiNK - Leko (Session Victim Remix) is a wonderfully subdued take on the original. It keeps all the main elements we all know and love, and enriches them with a more percussive feel, well placed guitar licks and an overall easier mood. All that said, don't make a mistake with thinking this is something for the living room as this one's made for those special daytime/sunset/sunrise moments when a tune like this turns the situation into something everyone will take home with them.B2 KiNK - Leko (Original Version) is the tune, in all it's glory and attitude. Full-fledged peak time house track which turns every party into a steaming pit of bodies asking for more. Too hot to ignore.