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Leopard Rmx Minilogue



Release date: January 8, 2007
Cat No: Traum V80
Barcode: 880319234217
Traum V80
8,70 €
The a side track „The Leopard“ of Minilogues recent hit record on Traum has now been remixed by the well known Hamburg based duo Extrawelt and by the newcomer Roel H. from the Netherlands. Extrawelt received a lot of attention through their debut release on James Holden's label Border Community in 2005 and through their Traum releases „Last Past“ and „Schmedding 8000“ in 2006. The remix of Extrawelt was produced in the fantastic, emotional and at the same time driving powerful style with an high end studio quality for which they are well known. To remix such a coherent track was an interesting challenge for Extrawelt who are definitely a duo that can appreciate the wonderful original and the work of Minilogue. So their remix is a passionate one, it is one that works more on the melodic side than turning up the tempo and percussions. A wonderful voyage of floating music. On the flipside Traum introduces a new talent from the Netherlands, who we got acquainted with through our friend Nathan Fake. Roel H. will release a solo 12"s on Traum in the near future. His remix works very much by the means of diffent melodic layers of the original that Roel has combined closely in a unique way. His beat is a lot more roaring and linear than the original and should be interesting for DJs as well. Roels musical talent which helps him play different melodies at the same time puts him in the same category as Petter from Border Community. We are excited to see who will play which remix. Also look out for the Traum V81 with remixes by Gabriel Ananda and Moonbeam of the Minilogue track „Seconds“ which will be released on the same day.
Wunderbare & atemraubende Remixe von Extrawelt & Roel H. Deep wie Hölle, gut wie Bolle !

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