Album artwork for Les Gouts

Les Gouts Rampa feat. Chuala

Cat No: KM062
Barcode: 4250101452901
12,80 €
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Sometimes it seems almost effortlessly, how Rampa is not only detecting, but shaping the zeitgeist of clubsounds. The man has done it on various occasions. Not only that. In a no less unerring fashion he happens to find the best company to vocalize that very state of the art. It once again all comes together here on his „Les Gout“ single. He’s teaming up with Chuala, one of genre-defying’s most distinctive and bright figures, to lay down „Les Gout“, a track perfectly balancing groove, elegance and irresistible floor- appeal. The tune already has become a much requested standout in Rampa’s sets, designated to become a standout in everybody else’s sets over the coming weeks and months.

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