Album artwork for Liberation Trax 1

Liberation Trax 1 Naturaleza Muerta

Release date: June 12, 2020
Cat No: Espectro 04
Barcode: 4250101418334
Digital Single
Espectro 04
Liberation Trax 1 by Naturaleza Muerta is music made with no restrictions, not to be defined by genres but focused on the transmission of an energy that is true and spontaneous. Setting off productive chaos, constantly searching, enjoying and embracing accidents, there are no mistakes. Interacting with machines instead of playing through them, letting them act as a mirror who echoes and distort a free and undefined mental state. The three tracks offered in this EP are compact, Dj-oriented and yet very different from one another. Music to play in the Club or to Bluetooth dance in bed is the mantra behind Amplio Espectro and these tracks fit perfectly on this statement.

On a forthcoming EP called Liberation Trax 2 the duo formed by Nicolas Teubal and Sascha Brunswig, two friends from Argentina who are now based in Berlin, will complement this first delivery with other colors of their musical palette.

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