Album artwork for Like a Robot

Like a Robot Alex Niggemann



Release date: January 29, 2021
Cat No: AEON049
Barcode: 4250101423772
Digital Single
AEON is nearing its 50th release. Before we touch that big number, we would like to share a fine record by the honcho himself, Alex Niggemann. The inspiration behind this release was found in experimenting with a vocoder. Alex explains: “society might have us all as robots if we didn’t take care to be open minded - both musically and in general. That was the inspiration and it was great fun to make.”. A view that fits the current zeitgeist perfectly. The futuristic theme is felt from the offset, as the forward-thinking sound of „Like A Robot“ gets underway. Reverberating beats blend into echoing machine-like vocal samples, before chiming keys give way to a stunning lead synth that feels both emotive and danceable in one. The vocoded vocals meeting a plea to replace the human race with robots, cause the track to have a rather dystopian notion. The ‘Technology’ vibe is inspired by late 80ies breakbeat tracks. Once the beat is in full range with the sparkling & upclimbing synths, pictures of vintage B-boys & girls videos, making their acrobatic dance moves, are projected in our minds. A slight twist brings the classic Juno 6 lead synth characterizing the main part. For the remix, AEON invited Fabrizio Mammarella, who’s known from his release on DFA, Permanent Vaca- tion or Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondent as well as his collaborations with Lauer as Black Spuma. Mam- marella’s version of ‘Technology’ transforms the break beats in a solid 4 to the floor groove, while the more electro sounding bassline of the original is replaced with a classic Italo inspired synth sequencer that un- doubtedly will please the crowd on the dancefloor. The last original track of this EP is called ‘Shepherds’ named after those who control. Poignant strings dive in and out, while the constant loopy groove could bring back memories of musically inspired „Moroder“ nights at good old Studio 54. The 49th release on AEON is again a complete pack by the Berlin label.

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