Album artwork for Lima Oscar Victor Echo Ep

Lima Oscar Victor Echo Ep Kiani & His Legion

Release date: May 5, 2017
Cat No: SoHaSo 012
Barcode: 880319858512
8,70 €
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Language is a tricky thing. It’s possible to convey the most beautiful and heartfelt experiences with just a few words but meanings can be lost in translation. Language itself being just a symbol pointing to the actual thing, like fingers pointing to the moon it’s key not to mistake the finger for the actual moon. If you do you might miss all the heavenly glory the finger is pointing to. The map is not the territory. Kiani & His Legion is back on SoHaSo with the next chapter in his sonic explorations. A mini-album that’s more than the sum of it parts, drawing you in with a story worth to be told. Using a language that doesn’t need to be explained trough words, the symbols merge with their meaning trough sound. The story commences with a female voice whispering gently to you to ‘close your eyes and fly’ and while making your journey don’t forget to ‘breath’. You get introduced to the sturdy drum patterns and eerie string pads that have become main ingredients for Kiani’s soundworld. Eindeloos takes an irresistible groove and badass walking bass winding up between endless flanging spirals. Oval Flight starts out with the cheeky sound of an electric harp but inside it hides a seed that sprouts to enormous proportions. Beneath the beauty you can feel something sweltering, wanting to expose itself. It links back to the beginning and finally lifts you off with a grand gesture. If You Remember Me Then I Don’t Care If Veryone Else Forgets, uses haunting atmospheres that remind of 80’s science fiction or the eerie vibes found in Twin Peaks to provide safe landing ground beneath the feet after your flight. L.O.V.E. forms an appropriate conclusion to the story, reflecting with a melancholic chord progression, soul healing choirs and the phonetic symbols ‘Lima, Oscar, Victor, Echo’ repeating till infinity.

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