Album artwork for Limit Without Patience

Limit Without Patience The Barking Dogs

Release date: February 10, 2014
Cat No: OT 005
Barcode: 880319653513
OT 005
8,20 €
Optimo Trax is an offshoot label of Optimo Music for tracks aimed at DJs/dancefloors. Yes, we know there are too many record labels already, but we felt an overriding desire to start another one as so much music that didn't seem quite right for Optimo Music (i.e. music that was specifically designed for dancing) kept coming our way. Like the parent label, Optimo Trax will release music by new artists and excavate forgotten classics.

Long time friends and allies of JD Twitch, Milan's Barking Dogs run the fantastic Serendeepity record shop in the basement of which lies their analogue sonic laboratory where they create live mutant funk masterpieces. Funk is an often mis-applied term but these tracks ooze it from every pore and you can literally hear the Dogs wrestling it out of their machines. Eccentric for sure but certified dancefloor winners for those bored to death with generic, lifeless, clinical dancefloor fodder.

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