Album artwork for Lindholz EP

Lindholz EP Timboletti

Release date: January 12, 2015
Cat No: Acker 047
Barcode: 880319694615
Sold Out
Music that keeps your body busy on the dance floor while it takes your mind to exotic places far away: Timboletti creates a tense atmosphere between the stripped-down power of a kickdrum and the intricate network of sounds and melodies. During the titles Murrakus and W√ľstenlauf your inner cinema will show mysterious scenes from an oriental bazaar, at the same time your body will have to deal with a pleasant feeling of restlessness. The frequency spectrum of Makrovic is invaded by tripped-out samples, reminiscent of radio transmissions from some odd parallel dimension, resulting in a groove that is deep yet uplifting. BarfussBravo sounds just as alien and is just as compelling, as delirious melodies and delay cascades unfold upon tight, driving rhythm sections. Mollono.Bass delivers a remix that is probably even deeper, a stardust phantasy flying high upon the solid foundation of a standing bass line. In contrast, Carlos shifts down a gear and reflects on the multi-dimensional anatomy of BarfussBravo during a smooth Downbeat version.

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