Album artwork for Lips Dont Cry

Lips Dont Cry Bergholter

Release date: February 21, 2020
Cat No: Ackerspecial001
Barcode: 4250101413964
Mika has an incredibly warm and deep voice. Deep as in tickling the low end of the frequency spectrum; and deep as in touching the deepest thoughts and emotions of the listener. Manuel Meyer has been involved in a remarkable amount of different Electronic projects for a remarkable amount of time already - yet he’s a remarkably humble producer. Both have the same hairdresser; which again is how Berholter came into existence. Together the duo creates the musical counterpart for that mellow feeling of inner warmth that lingers in the chilly air of the big city at the beginning and at the end of a long club night. In the twilight of pop-infused uplift and subtle melancholia Berholter present two irresistibly catchy tunes. To expand their musical momentum in the direction of maximum danceability, there’s also two splendid remixes by Myagi and Dompe.

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