Album artwork for Live at Robert Johnson Vol.5

Live at Robert Johnson Vol.5 Roman Flügel

Release date: May 10, 2010
Cat No: Playrjc CD005
Barcode: 880319458620
Playrjc CD005
14,90 €
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Back once again with a renegade master. Starting the next round of Robert Johnson's extolled mix and limited box set series (volumes by Arto Mwambe, Ata and Dixon are to follow) is none other than Alter Ego's precious Roman Flügel. Also known as Soylent Green, Eight Miles High, Roman IV and under a dozen other pseudonyms, Flügel has done it all (insert electronic music genre here) - except for a mix CD. Honing his craft as a producer with an idiosyncratic signature, Live at Robert Johnson Vol. 5 sheds some light on his skills as a serious selector and daring disc jockey. A combination that comes once in a blue moon, Roman Flügel manages to be fascinating and relevant in both. The proof thereof lies before your face. Whether his beeps, bleeps and clonks or his more contemplative moments are your choice, the fifth volume for our beloved little harbour at the banks of the river Main, shares the one as well as the other. You have long lost jack trax moments with Armando, earnest new school techno with Ben Klock, Ratsnake's quirkiness, a great love break in the shape of Idioma's Landscape as well as some vintage and future Flügel (Soylent Green plus two exclusive, vital and refreshingly new tracks for Live At Robert Johnson) himself. A key player and starter in the resident DJ team, he handles this ride as well as he does on any given night at RJ. Pleasing directly without using the obvious and celebrating a certain uncertain murky ambiguity without being indefinite, Roman established a distinguishable and delightful signature in his DJ sets. But why shall Ramona use more words for something that has to be heard? Live at Robert Johnson Vol. 5 is a true school interpretation of acid house music at its best. Nope, Mr. Mister, these wings were never broken.

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