Album artwork for Live At Robert Johnson Vol.6

Live At Robert Johnson Vol.6 Arto Mwambe

Release date: August 16, 2010
Cat No: Playrjc CD006
Barcode: 880319473821
Playrjc CD006
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Girl, you know it's Arto Mwambe! Indeed, it's hard not to recognize this fact, even if you are a boy. “Live at Robert Johnson Vol. 6” comes straight from Arto Mwambe's mind and out of their mixing desk guts. Instead of grabbing a bunch of records and gluing them together (i.e. the classic DJ mix CD), the dynamic duo that is melody boy Phillip Lauer and rhythm doctor Christian Beisswenger (Brontosaurus, Frankfurt am Main, untouchable Robert Johnson resident material and Ramona's secret love interests) decided to do exactly that what sets them apart from most of their peers: to play live indeed (as in “live” and not as in pressing the space bar on a laptop). They simulated an hour in front of the club's audience and went with it. And girl (or boy) you can hear this in very minute. The classic Roland drum machine sound aesthetic walks hand in hand with prominent bass lines, playful synthesizer sounds, sweet melodies, joyful piano finger exercises and even a hidden stripe of acid here and there. All these uplifting elements are taking turns like good players in tennis doubles and are graced with that much needed and often dearly missed element of surprise, spontaneity and wit. In the same way as tracks like “Love Lifted” or “Greatest Love” flirted with the past, present and future of house, disco and leftfield sounds in their original form on Arto Mwambe's usual home base - the revered and passionate vinyl-only label Brontosaurus - the cleverly altered live versions bewitch their old and new audience once again. Plus you will meet some new next best friends as well. In the beginning, this project might have gained some attention due to its hazy identity with a bogus (and innocent Fun! Fun! Fun!) biography, but more than anything else, Arto Mwambe proves that it is their own very special sound signature that makes you fall in love with them - no matter what age, class or gender you are. Ramona can see happiness from here… Ps. Watch out for the special 12” vinyl extraction with Duster FC and One Lonely Knight including Sex Tags Mania killer versions.

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