Live Rytm Trax

Label: Palette
Release date: November 30, 2018
Cat No: PAL-069
Barcode: 612651506925
As Palette Recordings proudly turns 22 years old, John Tejada releases its first release in 2 years, Live Rytm Trax, an extended EP geared more towards his own style of DJing. Live Rytm Trax is more of a meditative exploration with tracks evolving and modulating but keeping a solid foundation in the groove. Live Rytm Trax was recently conceived as Tejada’s new live PA focusing more or less on just one machine and making the most out of its limitations. After some live performances the idea was to capture the spontaneity of the pieces live and perform and capture them in a studio. Rather than use the all too familiar home studio, Kenny Larkin kindly offered up an invitation to record in his studio, the centerpiece being an API console. This provided the perfect opportunity to add a special sound signature to the songs providing a DAW-less production process using hardware instruments into analog console recorded straight to a Tascam one-bit recorder. The result is a real time, organic experience with Tejada performing the pieces live with no overdubs or editing.

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