Album artwork for Living Patterns

Living Patterns Polygonia



Release date: October 28, 2022
Cat No: ARA009
Barcode: 4250101449468
18,90 €
  • 63296abc42f8f
  • release
ARA is proud to welcome a new incredible talent : Polygonia created for us a landmark record of avant-garde dance music called « Living patterns » The 6 tracks are inspired by nature, converting the complex structures of plants and animals into spiralling pulsations and fractal textures.

Polygonia represents a multidisciplinary music and art project conceived by Lindsey Wang from Munich, Germany. She draws inspiration from her many years of practicing various acoustic instruments and her keen interest for other cultural forms of expression, which she translates into the digital language of electronic music and art. The soundscape of her own productions conveys a mystical, organic character and features driving complex rhythms.

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