Album artwork for Look In The Mirror EP

Look In The Mirror EP Pôngo

Release date: February 17, 2017
Cat No: Connected 014 D
Barcode: 880319854217
Digital Single
Connected 014 D
Together from birth, two brothers united by their passion for music and more, Pongo is the latest sound evolution of Giovanni Bruni and Daniele Bruni. Growing up with a very similar musical culture, handed down in turn by their parents, the two brothers have always shared their art projects together. Giovanni started playing as a DJ in the early 2000s now enjoying success in the most famous clubs of the clubbing scene in Tuscany. Soon, his younger brother Daniele follows the same steps as supporting him in DJ sets and creating their first music projects together. In 2011, together with Luca L. and Elia C. founded the brand Yuma Recordings.In addition to the label ,Yuma began to be known for the club event, Yuma Nights, and in 2013 the collective Yuma created the Vibe Club, a place that offered innovative sound in Italian nightlife. The brothers felt that they had to make their most personal productions, with which they can open up more towards a wider musical landscape. After a period of evolution in the studio in 2016, it's time to get back on stage for Giovanni and Daniele with their new Pongo project that takes shape with Giovanni on vocals. Their strong influences that fuses electronics, soul, and techno have created this new way of approaching the dancefloor: the combination of evocative song and a powerful and refined set. 1. ‘Look In The Mirror’ – A signature manifesto for the Pongo sound,starting from a tense Techno / Electronic minimalist beat building slowly to the massive silence and breakdown and the introduction of the sole vocal telling of motivation to do what you love and believe in, and then the anthemic return and irresistable involvement in the finale of the journey. 2. ‘Day One’- Classic sounding Techno/Minimal instrumental with the lead bassline a key Pongo feature. An atmosphere reminiscent of 80’s European electronic emotion. 3. ‘Look In The Mirror’ (Aaaron Remix) connected favourite, Aaaron brings his unique flavour to the remix , keeping the vocals intact but adding the more hypnotic based intensity to the dancefloor.

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