Album artwork for Look Out Above EP

Look Out Above EP Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio

Release date: August 19, 2013
Cat No: NEK09
Barcode: 880319637919
Sold Out
Subtle but never subdued, Dave Aju's "Look Out Above" continues his practice of aural alchemy, reconciling genres and eras in distinct, versatile elixirs of House. Each track allows ears and feet to glide through a menagerie of electro, jazz, chill and funk, where the elements are in harmony, enabling cross-genre mixes with ease.

The subtle, smooth elements of the title track, "Look out Above" blend effortlessly into a dense, lush sonic cocktail. The raspy refrain and jazz splashes creep in at turns, adding spice to the mix that makes it all the more hypnotic, not anesthetic. "Good Gawd" is decidedly upbeat, with a straightforward and propulsive groove, a bass line that smolders beneath riffs that shimmer, punctuated with funky hoots and hooks that cinch it all together. We finish off with the sensuous eccentricity of "Fall," whose lilting voices, grimy grind, and space-age arpeggios come together in surprisingly smooth way, staying balanced and focused despite diffuse influences.

Just like the varied, balanced strata of the individual tracks, this trio plays nicely together, offering a unique, lean panoply of sound for mixes and a solid, fully-realized sound of its own.

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