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Lost EP Christian Löffler

Release date: December 11, 2015
Cat No: Just This 006
Barcode: 880319742613
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Just This is the expression of a social, metropolitan and underground movement we are living and going through all together.

Our Mission is to give room and importance to Art and Music which are still evolving day by day.

Just This is aimed to frame these changes, which are going to be the picture of today and the future memory of the cultural movement of this age, throughout a series of messages, images and sensation drawn inside the audience.

Furthermore, thanks to the energy, the happiness and the magic charm of our parties and events, talented and unique artists, from all over the world, use their way to interpret music to communicate people the real core of this change:

the future is changing...

Christian Löffler

Christian sound comes from a small city next to the Baltic sea.

“Lost” between those landscapes his music express a unique vibe drifted from a dialogue thru this inspiring nature.

Walking thru “unknown” paths, passing thru misterious boundaries of a misterious soul.

Lake People interpretation is a strong melting pot of different energies.

A brake through a journey that brings you back into a stroboscopic basement, flashing lights and a tipsy dance floor mood.

Nuno Dos Santos is a magnetic translation of a dialogue between soulful ambients and dark atmospheres.

Hidden voices whisper melancholic anthems of a never ending night.

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