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Lost in Light Ninze

Release date: November 5, 2021
Cat No: TAL009
Barcode: 4250101426308
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After releasing his debut EP with Tal der Verwirrung back 2016, Ninze returns to the label with his signature blend of hypnotizing introspection and colorful stories.

A1 Impro I (Original Mix) Emotive chords and lush percussion invite to a moment of introspection, both arranged to a more than smooth intro track by Ninze.

A2 Lose Time (Original Mix) Uplifiting grooves and colorful synths are the main ingredients to this track, Ninze manages to tell a story that evolves over time and surprises with more than one turn.

B1 Cloud Drive (Original Mix) Dreamy ambience and nebulous pads form a haunting atmosphere, which get highlighted when Ninze adds steady, driving percussion and subtle glitches and clicks.

B2 Acid Dub (Original Mix) Wonky chords and a cheeky groove form the backbone of this track, which takes the listener on a ride through a candy-coloured landscape, gently guided by Ninze's cleverly understated arrangement.

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