Album artwork for Lost Knowledge Remixed pt.3

Lost Knowledge Remixed pt.3 TVA / le visionnaire



Release date: February 12, 2021
Cat No: AEONIC004
Barcode: 4250101423840
Digital Single
AEON’s innovative sub-label, æonic, kicks off the year strong with a new set of remixes of ‘Lost Knowledge’ by Neapolitan brothers TVA & le visionnaire, aka Marco & Francesco Paolo. The two have been steadily crafting their unique collaborated sound from their creatively charged backgrounds in art direction and classical musicianship. The original album ‘Lost Knowledge’ is an unforgettable culmination of both TVA and le visionnaires flair as producers. This EP released on æonic will feature four exclusive remixes from Paraguayan producer P.Lopez, as well as Rotterdam dj & producer Ben Buitendijk and Echoplex Soleil. The first remix of ‘Untitled’ by P.Lopez kept the original’s rhythmic groove but turned it into a peak time stomper by adding plenty of powerful drums. The repetitive layer creates a dark vibe taking your mind straight to the dancefloor, whilst the memorable atmospheric pad section from the original is used to build an emotional highlight in the middle of the track. The second mix, also by P.Lopez, takes ‘Insigno’ in the opposite direction. The general theme of this remix has been built with layers of melodies from the original, while increasing tension & adding subtle beats to shape it into this crisp remix. Echoplex’s take on ‘Insigno’ is more minimal, though just as danceable. By focussing on drums and fragments from the original melody to build his chord lines, his interpretation is a solid groover. Ben Buitendijk’s remix closes this set of remixes on TVA & le visionnaires’ album ‘Lost Knowledge’ with a deep and trancey rework of ‘Spazio Disponible’. It’s floating melody layers combined with a broken but perfectly harmonized beat, makes it the perfect final addition to this EP.

About Aeonic AEON’s innovative sub-label, æonic; a non-conformist nebula of electronic sounds, within but not confined to the realms of techno, ambient, experimental and electro. Æonic defies tradition and stereotypes, with the only intent to sculpt the artist's visionary sound, completely on their own creative terms.

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