Album artwork for Lost Tapes Vol. 4

Lost Tapes Vol. 4 Various Artists



Release date: June 11, 2021
Cat No: AEON052
Barcode: 4250101430053
Digital Album
After a well received 50th catalog number and the latest EP from Moo Moonster & Parissior, Berlin-based returns with its Lost Tapes series. A 10 track album from cutting edge artists deserving your attention. Zombies in Miami, known from their releases on Running Back & Permanent Vacation kick off this release with their debut track on AEON, which had its beginning on some improvisation during a live show. The work on it continued in studio and out came „Running Again“. A song which is guided by a heavy 303 bassline, a driving arpeggiator, a dark synth melody and pregnant cowbells. Rigopolar is no stranger to the camp. His last release on AEON was quite a success, also being found in essential playlists such as Dixon’s Track ID on Spotify. The arrangements of his songs are quite a-typical for this Italo influenced sound and therefore makes it so special. „Into The Sun“ as well is constantly evolving with small changes, grooving and driving towards its highlights. A tune to easily get lost in it. Upcoming Lithuanian born producer and DJ Zakmina, who’s tracks already have been released on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant or Future Boogie continues the journey on this album with a dreamy electro/breakbeat influenced piece. Adding some „Kraftwerk“ sounding computer voice, „Activation“ becomes a worth debut on AEON for the 25 year old. We are also happy to welcome Vhyce, another young gun, who already made some noise with releases on PetsRecordings and Future Disco. The characteristics of his sounds are very clear and recognizable... Still he manages that his way of ‚simple‘ also turns out ‚effective‘. „Back To Where I Never Was“ can also be seen as the introduction to a massive EP following up later this year. Russian Zakir describes himself as a producer with „meticulous attitude to forming“ of his music, reminding „of narration of a fairy tale“. „Courier 21“ tells us a story leading us through breaks, a classic 303 bassline, topped with melodies in arabic scale. The Mexican line up on the 4th part of this Lost Tapes completes Guadalajara based My Boy Roy, who already delivered a massive remix for Alex Niggemann’s „Rise of the Machines“ back in 2020. „Chimerical“ stands out with its classic synth/new wave drums and a dark vibe bass riff, opening up with ‚sunshine like‘ melancholic break, before dropping back into its beats. Another intro via Lost Tapes makes Rees, owner of the eclectic ‚Paradiso’ label with his uptempo tune „Dominate The Matrix“. His upcoming EP on AEON is long awaited and will include a remix from no one less than ‚Curses’. Italian- Venezuelan Ricardo Baez, founder „Tropical Animals“ an event series in Florence, is up next with his tune „Ricordo Micidiale“ which is Italian for a very hard and strong memory, which at the same time could be a fatal or lethal memory. "This track resumes both things“, he says. Stomping 909 toms, driving bassline and choir/vocal like atmospheres might relate to the the constant battle of thoughts within minds of artists and genius minds. Rotterdam based Machinegewehr has already made himself a name with releases on Correspondant and Amsterdam's Bordello A Parigi. With „The Maze“ the passionate drummer delivers a dreamy Nu-Italo gem with outstanding vocoder sounds and sets the bar high for his upcoming EP on AEON. Lost Tapes Vol. 4 ends with „Mind Slave“. A track produced by Silicodisco, that finds its inspirations though the genres of Indie Dance, Future Disco and touches of post New Wave. A laid back, melodic heavy tune that perfectly rounds up an album, the AEON family is proud to present to you.

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