Album artwork for Lost Tapes Vol. 6 VA

Lost Tapes Vol. 6 VA Various Artists



Release date: April 26, 2024
Cat No: AEON067
Barcode: 4250101469176
Digital Single
AEON is set to release its upcoming gem, AEON067 - Lost Tapes Vol. 6 VA, a compilation that promises to usher in the new year with a wave of sonic delights. Featuring a stellar lineup of artists including Leonor & MoM, Tallac, Mehill, Undefined Pattern and Alex Niggemann.

True to the name, Undefined Pattern defies musical norms with "TS Voyage." This track serves as a tribute to the artist's non-conformist journey through life, an anthem addressing the struggles and aspirations of the transgender community. Classic drums, steady percussion, deep basslines, and spatial sounds unite in a six-minute exploration.

Mehill takes you on a journey of musical evolution with "Lotus," showcasing the transformation in his style from his first release to his latest productions. The track is a testament to the energy and inspiration drawn from his personal experiences, especially the love for his son.

The compilation wouldn't be complete without a contribution from AEON's label honcho, Alex Niggemann. Brace yourself for "Peace Trading," a track that undoubtedly reflects Niggemann's signature style and musical finesse.

Immerse yourself in a fusion of 90s-driven sounds as Mexican producer Leonor collaborates with Spanish talent MoM on "Break Da System." This track brings a nostalgic vibe, complemented by organic Middle Eastern instruments. Drawing inspiration from 80s synth soundtracks and space disco, Tallac creates a cosmic yet heartfelt experience with "Galaxia." Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure with AEON067 - Lost Tapes Vol. 6 VA. Stay tuned for an unforgettable compilation that pushes boundaries and celebrates musical diversity.

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