Album artwork for Lota EP

Lota EP Outcome

Release date: April 29, 2020
Cat No: Family 032
Barcode: 4250101416866
Digital Single
Family 032
In probability theory, an outcome is defined as a possible result of an experiment. Croatian duo Outcome delivers with Lota a melodic techno hymn and gives us a deep dive into the musical harmony of their universe. They found the right combination between huge drums together with intense melodies & a whirlwinding pad for the mind that really mesmerizes. The EP is sublimated by the remixes of another duo from France, Abstraal and by Mel7em the talented producer from Beirut. The french talents offer us a vocal reinterpretation by never losing the original's core & exploring a playful melodic narrative to transform this dancefloor weapon in a very well balanced and nuanced version. Following the original trail of Lota, the Lebanese artist borrows tones of world music to make us travel across borders for a perfect marriage between melodic techno sounds and deep exotic melodies that will take you on a shamanic journey.

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