Album artwork for LOVE VERY BODY


Release date: January 30, 2020
Cat No: DIBACH15
Barcode: 4250101414626
»Love Very Body«, released on 31 January 2020, is the second single off of KARMA SHE’s upcoming debut album »My Naked Devotion« (6 March 2020) on the Berlin-based label Martin Hossbach. The first single, »Passion for the Pray«, was self-released by the artist in late De-cember of last year.

»Love Very Body« is a gushing stream of deep, sub-conscious sensa-tions alongside a bumping UK-garage-inspired beat. The video was di-rected by designer-artist Amehl and situates a New York City living room party getting out of hand.

Berlin-based (and Jerusalem-born) multi-disciplinary artist Carmel Michaeli has constructed the vessel named KARMA SHE to transcend the stage and create extra-sensorial musical performances. KARMA SHE’s bass-heavy electronic musical production is complemented by a ghetto twist of explicit vocals. Together with her creature crew, KARMA SHE creates a highly visual live-set that combines choreography and ec-static ritualistic elements that lure you into her universe — a uni-verse inspired by Michaeli’s Jewish heritage and subcultures. She is the writer, composer, producer and vocalist for KARMA SHE’s music and directs all her performances and music videos with a punk DIY attitude, collaborating with other artists from her community. The project is an ongoing deconstruction of pop conventions; the result is both mystifying and seductive.

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