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Lovers In Limbo EP Blond:ish



Release date: April 9, 2012
Cat No: Kompakt 253
Barcode: 880319067716
Kompakt 253
11,20 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Originally hatched in Montreal, but currently based in London, DJ's Anstascia and Vivie-Ann have established their musical blueprint by proving that they don't fit the quintessential stereotype they‘re toying around with. In the last few years, Blond:ish has carved out its unique production recipe which focuses on the art of creating music that is organic and multi-dimensional. Provocative basslines contrasted with smooth textures and sticky vocals blend into a genre of house that rebels against being pigeonholed to any specific category. Now, fueled by the duo's sharp taste-maker instincts and technical flair, they’ve not only charmed the industry masses but are set to release on the most notable labels around, including their psychedelic influenced ‘Lovers In Limbo’ EP out on Kompakt mid April, a record inspired by Anstascia‘s and Vivie-Ann‘s interest in late 60’s musical movements. The three tracks on this EP effectively stage the innovation and quirkiness Blond:ish is already known for, fusing highly explosive main floor antics with evocative side degree machinations that wouldn‘t feel out of place in a steampunk spaghetti western. Blond:ish's innovative and quirky reputation certainly wasn't grown on a tree, but materialized in the dark trenches of Cherry nightclub in Montreal. Anyone that has attended their parties can attest that there is something very special about this underground midweek mangle. It's the winning formula of diverse freaks, organized chaos and Blond:ish's genre defying sets that has them still holding their monthly residency since 2008. This duo rides off each other’s hefty musical knowledge and flawless technique with their diverse personas only adding to the intrigue. Anstascia’s unruly demeanor and creative spark spirals against Vivie-Ann’s scientific and geek-chic flair in a whirlwind of inspiration and contrast. The result is a force to be reckoned with, a vibe that effortlessly transcends in the studio, behind the booth and more than anything, to the dancefloor.

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