Album artwork for Lumière Noire 03

Lumière Noire 03 Moderna y Theus Mago

Release date: April 1, 2016
Cat No: Kill The DJ 41
Barcode: 880319757112
Sold Out
We are happy to bring you the third opus of the Lumière Noire collection. This one is a one way ticket Los Angeles - Mexico – Paris offered by our beloved mariachis MODERNA y THEUS MAGO. Immersive slow-tracks, techno tension at its worst with sharp acid basslines. Add to this a remix from our favorite electronic post punk band Die Wild Jagd and you just have to Ring the bell, tenemos 4 bomb alertas. Moderna & Theus Mago met in Mexico a day of "Ley Seca” [when the Mexican government shot all bars and clubs down the entire weekend for voting purposes]. That night, as djs in the city were gig-less, they organized an impromptu “illegal” house party outside the city, with most of the local heroes (Mijo, Sanfuentes, Bufi, Andre VII, Moderna, Max Schmitt, Watty and more). This EP is the result of the « Ley Seca ». This is probably why it makes it so special. 3 tracks of pure modern techno to fight for your right to party? 1-DOG IS CALLING YOU : Slow techno is always stronger. Dog is calling you is expanding slowly into a mixture of acid & techno sounds & pure sex drum machine. This could remind some Mathew Dear's techno tracks style. Who is the dog ? 2-PAPA EN ROY : That track has something effective & functional I kind of like. Classic techno track with an obsessive & repetitive bassline, upbeated by Moderna's vocal. It hurts. 3 – ASESINO PSICOTICO : Violence can be really sexy sometimes. Techno energy + housy groove = asesino + psicotico. 2- DOG IS CALLING YOU (Die Wild Jagd remix) : Die Wild Jagd is the name for a group of hunters in the german folk tale of the 19th century. It is also THE electronic post punk band that we cherish the most these years, as big fan of their first album on Bureau B last year. Die Wild Jagd has revisited Moderna y Theus Mago to perfection bringing something more organic to this technoid track. They just killed it.

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