Album artwork for Luminous

Luminous Temple Haze

Release date: December 4, 2020
Cat No: TAL008
Barcode: 4250101422805
9,50 €
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  • release
Temple Haze joins the rows of Tal der Verwirrung label, presenting his four-track debut vinyl full of mellow guitar, ethereal vocals and an intriguing, nebulous ambience.

A1 Ethereal vocals blend into spheric ambience, lush piano fills the gaps left by a kick drum which is beyond all smoothness. Temple Haze creates a title track which starts as a blurry dream an unfolds into a well known, universal memory.

A2 Straightforward percussive delays and a gentle hum spread good vibes from the start, while catchy guitar riff melts together with a warm baseline, altogether creating an intriguing pull into the track's gravity field. When Temple Haze joins in with marvelously creamy vocals, the story takes another turn and brings us somewhere we have not been before.

B1 Temple Haze invites us to a moment of contemplation and reflection, we swim in a warm cloud of misty thoughts. There is no start and no beginning, only connections and loose ends.

B2 A gentle guitar arpeggio and organic drum cycles immediately bring the heat of the summer with all its tempting sensations. Melodic elements are slowly spiraling towards each other, like two birds dancing together in a dark blue sky.

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