Album artwork for Macro Memory EP

Macro Memory EP P.Lopez



Release date: December 11, 2020
Cat No: AEONIC003
Barcode: 4250101422812
Digital Album
After releasing two remix EPs and one full length album as a package during the past months, Æonic moves on to a new record with a different sound. P.Lopez’ upcoming extended play ‘Macro Memory’ forms a raw techno piece with five fast-paced tracks and one breather. Aside from shaping the scene in his homecountry Paraguay as P.Lopez and LPZ, the producer/dj played various stages around the world including Berghain and a pair of Boiler Room sessions. P.Lopez created this introspective yet uplifting record throughout the intense lockdown-year that is 2020. Title track ‘Macro Memory’ immediately provides a nostalgic feeling with its swift rhythmics, that progress to be more deeply layered as the track continues. You recognise 90s techno rave aspects, but brought about in a modern way. The song peaks somewhere past the middle as several synths swirl around you through the speakers. ‘Pistons’ has a misleading intro, tricking you into thinking the head bopping will be less intense during the second track of this EP. The tune quickly evolves into a hypnotising dancefloor favourite we love to hear in a dark basement. ‘Macro Memory’s third track leaves room to get a little rest after the two first tunes. Although the beat proceeds with the same energy, P.Lopez produced ‘Gesture’ to be a more open yet thumping track. Echoing bleeps accompany the characteristic drums. With ‘Dual’ you dive straight back into the raw techno pool this record promises to be, while the haunting soundscapes rapidly alternate throughout the track. There’s no time take a break, as P.Lopez’ delivers ‘db bd’. The penultimate song of his ‘Macro Memory’ EP overflows with echos and delays. The deep, pounding bass kicks in from the very first second, escorting the oscillated keys from A to B. The record closes with the breather we promised you in the introduction of this text. ‘Mellow Moon’, as the name might give away, leans a bit towards an ambient vibe, staying on the low. Together, the six tracks of the ‘Macro Memory’ EP form a strong threshold of the quality æonic represents.

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