Album artwork for Magazine 131

Magazine 131 Barnt



Release date: April 13, 2015
Cat No: MAG 131
Barcode: 880319705014
MAG 131
9,70 €
We did not intend to release remixes of Barnt’s debut album „Magazine 13.“ – but here is why we had to change our minds: After Tale Of Us heard „Cherry Red“, they asked for the stems with the idea they would craft a version for their sets – as luck would have it, Recondite happened to pass by the studio at just the right time, and together they ended up finishing a driving and vital interpretation of Barnt’s melodic masterpiece. Around the same time Jens-Uwe Beyer had been quietly reshaping the same track. Prolonging the already massive breakdown towards the end of the track, his remix has been a highlight of Barnt‘s DJ sets over the past few months. The final piece of the puzzle came when Crato proposed the possible cover art – a bold remix in itself, reworking the original cover. The elements were in place, it became obvious this release had to see the light of day ... So here is Magazine 131. !

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