Album artwork for Magico Disco EP

Magico Disco EP Margot

Release date: September 2, 2013
Cat No: Kill The DJ 029
Barcode: 880319639913
Sold Out
Few words from ivan smagghe to introduce this release : KTDJ met the Margot guys through James Holden who released their first ep. I first heard the epic trance cheese-athon (mature cheese) of magic disco in one of his sets and I felt love. This was fast, delirious, vocodered fluff. Blew me away. James being busy with making the best lp of the last ten years, he passed the baby to us and to our joy. The boys from Rimini (oh yes), brought up in the mecca of italian house but calling their first ep Goblin, covering Soft Cell's Torch and being, as myself, Franco Battiato fans (Bandera Bianca really reminds of them) fitted in perfectly with our plans. Only their mental output made it quite hard to pick up the tracks for the ep. Spoiled we were. Spoiled we are. Spoiled you are. Magico Disco is a non-clicheed homage to Moroder, remixed to great effect by Tel Aviv's Red Axes who bring the tempo down, add their cramps licks but never lose the spaced-outness of the original for their Medical diso remix. Castel is like MD's little brother, a 80 bpm vocoder short shot in space. My sisters and Rockstep show brilliantly the rockier side of Margot, like breakbeat eighties crosses between kraut and house, grunge synths rising. totally fascinating and hard to describe, escapes from all boxes. Voice Chord could seem like a more straightforward club track, but it is spaaaaaaaaced out, believe me. Early (but solid) support by Andrew Weatherall, Tim Paris, My Favorite Robot etc... Finally, I Got is like Moodyman taking acid and being chopped up in a meat grinder. These tracks show the amazing scope of Margot's invention. We have not heard the last of them but this should be enough to leave you drooling for more.

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