Album artwork for Magnified Love/ Within You Dubs

Magnified Love/ Within You Dubs GusGus



Cat No: Kompakt Digital 012
Barcode: 880319059315
Heralding the arrival of GusGus's seventh studio album we're proud to present these exclusive instrumental versions of two of the highlight tracks from "Arabian Horse". Following GusGus longstanding tradition of creating their own remixes the band's masterminds Biggi Veira and President Bongo laid their hands on "Within me" respectively "Magnified Love". Biggi's take on "Within me" focusses on the squelching synth line and opens the door to the echo chamber. The outcome is a eerie dub techno track spiced up with tearjerking string cascades. Bongo takes "Maginfied Love" on an underwater journey, accompanied with sprinkles of piano and mysterious hissing noises. So deep, so good...

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