Major Fun

Release date: October 13, 2014
Cat No: Playrjc 033
Barcode: 880319679018
9,20 €
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Dear reader,

as part of Massimiliano Pagliara's album 'With One Another', Ramona presents 'Major Fun', a limited 10" vinyl release only. The record is dedicated to two of Massimiliano’s closest friends – Joshua, who sadly passed away and Lucky who is gladly still with us. Side A features 'Major Fun' – a piece that celebrates the essence of life with a sprightly chicago-rooted acid-bassline and a certain italo-flair. On the flipside the much deeper disco-house excursion 'Your Love Away', featuring Jules Etienne on vocals. Ramona is proud to fulfill your desire for the complete Massimiliano Pagliara enjoyment.

Stay humble, Ramona