Album artwork for Makonde

Makonde Aikon

Release date: November 20, 2020
Cat No: 3000° 091
Barcode: 4250101422430
The Trick, which Aikon pulls off on the stage of our conscious mind, works like this: First, he straps us onto a conveyor belt that originates from somewhere deep down between the realms of melodic techno and deep house. He then sends us zipping past shapes and structures, transporting us into a state of expectation. Next, the Ukrainian producer fulfills this expectation – but he does so in the most unexpected way. While we're still baffled and wondering exactly what just happened to us, our feet are already dancing away and our hands continue to explore the aural space between the harmonies. For the second strike on this EP, Aikon merges us into a minimalist string of rhythmic modulation named Makonde. Riding the crests of the buoyant groove we notice tribalistic drums and singing seeping through the gaps of our perception, a little bit like those sensory fragments that reach us behind closed eyelids when we're still halfway asleep.

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