Album artwork for Marvatten EP

Marvatten EP Alexander Johansson & Mattias Fridell

Cat No: BP075
Barcode: 5414166675715
14,90 €
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Lømsk's Alexander Johansson and Mattias Fridell made their Blueprint Records debut at the start of last year with their "Geometriska Strukturer EP" (BP067). Now they're back with a new four-tracker, "Marvatten EP".

This Swedish duo have built an impressive reputation since their production debut in 2000 and have gone on to release music on labels including Audio Assault, Symbolism, H. Productions, ARMS, XXX Records, and of course James Ruskin's Blueprint, as well as their own Lømsk label, which they launched in 2022.

On "Marvatten EP" they deliver four more solid Techno cuts that are primed for the dance floor, set forrelease 26 April on vinyl and digitally.

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