Album artwork for Memories EP

Memories EP Frankey & Sandrino

Cat No: IV110
Barcode: 4250101473524
13,80 €
  • 6675982621338
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The saying goes that memories are mental reliving of experiences and somehow this applies to our shared past with the duo. After Acamar and Mercury, we are once again flashed by Frankey and Sandrino's new EP. Volume up - it’s showtime, and you can easily picture yourself in the middle of the dancefloor with hands high in the sky. Right, we are talking about „Memories“ featuring a powerful vocal performance by the London-based vocalist Charlotte Riby. A piece of inspiring House Music elegantly stitched together and characterised by the sound design the duo is known for. On the flip side, „Blue Flash“ is setting the course for the things to follow.

„How does it feel when the music takes you high. How does it feel when my beat makes you fly“

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