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Michigan Central Station Ep

Release date: August 23, 2010
Cat No: Echocord Colour 012
Barcode: 880319473616
Sold Out
Michigan Central Station built in 1913 for the Michigan Central Railroad, was Detroit, Michigan's passenger rail depot from its opening in 1913 until the discontinuance of Amtrak service on January 6, 1988. At the time of its construction, it was the tallest rail station in the world. The building, located in the Corktown district of Detroit still stands today, though it remains unoccupied. Restoration projects and plans have gone as far as the negotiation process, but none have come to fruition. Spread throughout the city of Detroit and its surrounding metropolitan area, the decay of once magnificent buildings during the industrial revolution and automobile era now cast a shadow of despair on a once flourishing city. These monuments of achievement now lay barren and forsaken by city government. Infrastructural restoration and city development are fundamental elements in Detroit's recovery, and the recovery of cities worldwide. It is time for revival in our cities, but first, in our souls. The Michigan Central Station EP is a platform for this change.

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