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Microdosing, Vol. 2 Various Artists

Release date: September 27, 2019
Cat No: MDSG002
Barcode: 4250101408250
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Microdosing is a series of compilation 12”s selected by Julienne Dessagne aka Fantastic Twins, and designed in collaboration with French visual artist Geff Pellet.

Microdosing is a collective experiment aimed at helping you fighting back your modern obsession with happiness. You may deserve a nice day but the day does not need a nice you, nothing should be forced, everything is permitted.

Microdosing will provide you with sonic healing weapons on regular basis and at irregular dosage.

Those doses will favour psychedelic social techniques against self help tyranny, creation oversoma, provoking over numbing, our outer-selves over our inner-selves.

Microdosing refuses the fatality of the pleasure principle. Life is a struggle, time to embrace it.


"My battery is low and it’s getting dark”

We at Microdosing will make Opportunity’s famous last words fully ours. Some would see these as an epitaph on a black screen, we embrace them as a reclaimed fragility. Are we grains of sand wandering in space, hoping for a goal? No. We are the cosmos, the cosmos is us, unafraid of the end, unafraid of the void.

Before the rise of the infinite silence, Microdosing brings you new guiding lights, white sun or black hole being a simple permutation of the kinetic rainbow.

Oceanic’s “Parallel Lines Of Stripes” is a meandering mantra, an synthesised Moebius ring, a mission to your heart, that furthest star in the sky.

Gilb’R’s “Cosmogonie” simply reminds us of the profound relation between spatial systems and the holy act of birth (cosmo, world and gon, conceive). The universe is a body, your body is your universe.

Lucas Croon’s “Threshold Stimulus” is the soundtrack of a never ending voyage, the man is on a trip to the core sanctum. Imagine Space as a reverberation room cladded with bakelite. Losing yourself in delay repeats sometimes is the shortest way.

Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge & Sam Irl’s “Faeden” is another hymn to the umbilical chords joining us to the outer world, a black monolith of kraut acid, a pagan dance as portal to a destination only you can choose.

Microdosing will be back soon with more enablers, helping to turn your petty struggles into a search for a meaning of life.

The Quest lives on.

(Ivan Smagghe)

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