Album artwork for Microdosing, Vol. 4

Microdosing, Vol. 4 Various Artists

Release date: June 26, 2020
Cat No: MDSG004
Barcode: 4250101418778
Digital Single
In those dire times, the strange has to be counted as a revolutionary force. Microdosing Vol. 4 is an antidote to the sterile streams and dreams, confined ideas and lobotomising nostalgia. We create multiple portals to individualities standing up against the new normal, our shared pineal gland opening a communal spontaneity. Strapontin’s Join the Earth provides you with a psychedelic map to a better world, providing you accept to get lost along the way. The path to a better world is inside your mind.

Benedikt Frey’s CNDY could be the anthem of our New Model Army. This is a marching beat but to a mental guerilla. No ranks, no leader, just a will in action. Joakim’s Macrodose is our non-order come true, the refusing of the new normal as a sabbath dance of electronic witch drums. Be Safe! We know we are, but our music never will be. (Ivan Smagghe)

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