Album artwork for Midnight Man EP

Midnight Man EP Kubebe & Leonor

Release date: September 10, 2021
Cat No: FT037
Barcode: 4250101435034
Digital Album
Two producers, a French and a Mexicano, who are living in two different cities in France have been composing an EP together. The guys have never crossed paths, and have still yet to meet in person. We are talking about Kubebe from Lille and Leonor from Tournus. The love that they have in common for each other’s music forged their desire for this collab to happen. The Midnight Man EP was created using a Ping Pong process, taking about two weeks. The result is a beautiful 80’s driven EP including one slower and one uplifting original as well as two splendid remixes by German synth master Lauer and the Swedish Elfenberg duo from Stockholm. What a package!

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