Midnight People

Release date: September 20, 2010
Cat No: SPC-98
Barcode: 804297999814
Sold Out
Benoit & Sergio excel at creating a sense of place in their music, constructing dusky, romantic spaces in which dance and pop music conspire in hushed tones. “Midnight People”, the Washington, DC duo_s first single on Spectral Sound, is a noir anthem for heartbroken hedonists, a tech-house ode to furtive glances and bad decisions. Handclaps and pianos, melodramatic synthesizers and wafer-thin vocal samples push the beat along, but it_s the track_s air of desperation and psychedelic dread that makes “Midnight People” such a reality-defying listen. The “Midnight People” 12” and digital single includes two careening techno remixes by Technasia, in which the Paris-based producer sends the track spinning into the delirious, club-amped stratosphere. “Technasia Dub 1” features a series of head-spinning climaxes; “Technasia Dub 2” specializes in shoulder-rolling syncopation.

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