Album artwork for Midsommar

Midsommar MRD

Release date: March 3, 2023
Cat No: LFEK019
Barcode: 4250101455520
Digital Single
We are excited to announce the upcoming debut EP by MRD, set to drop this Friday, March 3rd, 2023 on Live From Earth. This EP promises to be a new schizophrenic composed EP, yet with the classic MRD sound, but a mature sound image. The EP will feature three tracks, each showcasing MRD's unique style and talents. The first track, "Come To Velo," is an 80s hardbass song that's combined with a touch of A-ha sound. The track is an electrifying blend of classic 80s beats and modern techno sounds that will leave you wanting more. The second track, "Destination Never," features co-written lyrics by MRD's friend Krystof Scheie. It's a nostalgic journey back to the Myspace indie-electro days, complete with shredding guitars and a hauntingly beautiful melody that will stick with you long after the song has ended. The final track on the EP is "Last Dance," another co-written by Krystof Scheie. It's a club-friendly coldwave song with a friendly intention. The big guitar lead with trancey stabs will make you question time and speed, while MRD's vocals and expertly produced instrumentation will transport you to another world. All instruments and vocals on the EP are performed by MRD, with a lot of recording and MIDI technology. This EP is a must-listen for fans of electronic music, and MRD's unique sound will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on all who listen.

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