Album artwork for Mit Dir Sind Wir Vier

Mit Dir Sind Wir Vier International Pony

Release date: August 27, 2007
Cat No: Mule Electronic CD 009
Barcode: 880319267024
Mule Electronic CD 009
14,90 €
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Info International Pony, The Gorgeous Global Supergroup From Hamburg Comprising Cosmic Dj, Erobique And Dj Koze, Are After Four Long Years, Finally Releasing Their Second Album! "Mit Dir Sind Wir Vier" Contains 12 New Tracks & 2 Bonus Tracks & 1 Video - Each Finer, More Exciting,More Uplifting Than The Last. This Album Shows International Ponyradiating A Consummate Yet Juvenile Charm That Comes Over As Refreshingwithout Seeming Dumb. And With This New Record, We Can Confidently Short- List Them With Sly Stone, Air And The Philosopher's Stone. Future Funk! Just The Opener "Solid Gold", Which Will Wonderfully Sweep Us Away Later In A Sparklingly Trippy "Lost Version", Immediately Diffuses The Unique International Pony Flavour: Designed As A Slow Soul Number, Song And Sound Avoid All Stereotypes While Simultaneously Playing All The Tricks In The Musical Book To Cast Its Spell On Us - With That Uplifting Pony Feeling, That Pulsating Current Of Warmth That Seems As If It Will Last For Ever. And So It Does, This Secret And Gentle Caress That Constantly Reappears On This Disc. International Pony's Methodology Is Very Like What They Call "Comic Relief": Before Things Get Too Obvious, Too Easy To Place, Too Kitschy, Comes The Releasing Or Distracting, Mean Or Magic Moment - Without Making The Disc Into A Rubbish Record That Lays Bewilderment On With A Trowel. There Is Simply Too Much Soul In Play For That To Happen, And All Three Ponys Have It In Abundance. We Can Be Thankful That Cosmic Dj, Erobique & Dj Koze Are Music-Makers! Otherwise They Would Cover Every Pot With Soft Crocheted Covers, Spreading A Fluffy Atmosphere In Which We Lesser Mortals Would Experience Boiling Cookpots And Hot Frying Pans, Pleasantly Muted, As One Great Massaging Kiss. Er, Sorry. The Cd Is Simply Too Inspiring. Back To The Record! This Must Be Said: Whereas The First Album "We Love Music" Still Evinced Clear Cross - References And Arrangements Of All The Big Styles Of Pop (Hip Hop, House, Techno, Funk Etc), The Highly - Concentrated Fusion And Simultaneous Refinement Of The New Release Has Crystallised Out An Even More Highly Purified International Pony Trademark Sound, Casting An Elegant Shaft Of Light Through The Prism Of Their Previous Work. Unique, The Planned Way In Which The Sounds Are Arranged And The Casual And Taken-For-Granted Effect They Have. The Skippiness In The Beat, The Wonderful Lightness Of Foot (Even In The Most Melancholic Moments), The Sometimes Weird, Then Once More Radiant Vocals From Cosmic Dj, The Famously Gnarly Electronic French Skipping Of Dj Koze, The High Pop Skills And Manifold Instrumental Capabilities Of Erobique - Still Just Recognisable In Its Individual Threads, This All Melts Together Here In The Most Wonderful Way Into A Consummate, Transcendent Work Of Art. Each Track Throws The Door Wide Open. At The End, Everything Hangs Wide Open, Every Nerve And Ear And Eye And Sense And Mouth Is Wide Open, To Let The Sun, The Warmth And The Soul Into Our House. This Record Is Growing. To Your Arms Wide.with You, There Are Four Of Us!
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