Album artwork for Modern Nostalgia

Modern Nostalgia Alex Aguayo / Silicodisco



Release date: September 23, 2022
Cat No: AEON059
Barcode: 4250101448263
Digital Single
After Jepe’s heavily rotated “Ginevra”, we welcome Alex Aguayo and Silicodisco back to AEON with their debut EP, called “Modern Nostalgia”. With this unification, they wanted to experiment a little bit with both of their vibes and ideas. Keeping characteristic elements such as the (Synth Wave) reminding drums and basslines that they have been playing with in some of their latest releases, they set a basis. Adding a little melancholic spark and nostalgic Italo bits with the synthesis and some dreamy chords and leads, Alex Aguayo and Silicodisco created an EP that is perfect to praise the end of a hot summer.

We hope you enjoy the melancholic journey!

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