Album artwork for Modul 01

Modul 01 FiveP

Release date: February 12, 2021
Cat No: 3000° 094
Barcode: 4250101424151
Digital Single
3000° 094
A potent groove bubbles up from the diminishing gaps between Techno, Trance and Science Fiction Soundtrack, a concoction that has just the same mind-bending properties as a pan galactic gargle blaster. It’s served up by Italian producer FiveP. What makes his productions stand out is his talent to present the hypnotic effects of steady repetition in the context of an ever evolving stream of constant change. There’s a mysterious inner glow between the dark, pulsating vortexes of his basslines, a glow that is emitted by microscopic sound worlds in the depths of his arrangements. The first remix comes from Der Dritte Raum - a legendary project that was formed in the primeval soup of electronic dance music, in a time before all the subgenres took shape and separated themselves. Also there’s a wonderfully contemporary Downbeat remix by Peta Kop who’s using the navigational instruments of the original to send us on a very different trip

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