Album artwork for Monde Futuriste

Monde Futuriste Marc Romboy

Release date: February 17, 2017
Cat No: HYPE0001
Barcode: 880319852916
10,20 €
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Marc Romboy presents his upcoming album “Voyage de la planète” his first solo full-length production in over eight years. Released on his newly launched Hyperharmonic label, Voyage de la Plantète signifies an exciting new chapter for Marc as he experiments with his sound - pushing the boundaries between classical and electronic music to create both an emotional and atmospheric experience.

The first impression of this new sound can be heard on this 10“, the album opener „Monde futuristewhich blends together beautiful strings and soft flittering synths. While „Monde futuriste“ merges the beauty of the violine played by Miki Kekenj and electronic arrangments, „Voyage de la planète“ mixes the two mediums together with fluttering synths and a somber string quartet.

Inspired by a concert with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra where he performed Claude Debussy works in a contemporary way, this 10“ and the album signify the start of a new chapter for Marc Romboy. Combining the strange, fascinating sounds of electronic music with the sublime beauty of classical music to create an extraordinary sonic experience for the listener.

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