Album artwork for Monongahela EP

Monongahela EP Speaking Minds



Release date: July 22, 2016
Cat No: AEON023 D
Barcode: 880319789311
Digital Single
Family members SPEAKING MINDS present a standout three track EP on ALEX NIGGEMANN’s AEON imprint along with rework from the label boss himself and fellow AEON alumni DENIS HORVAT.

Quickly setting the pace on this release, opening track ‘Sharpless 248’ is the perfect blend of both Speaking Minds and Alex Niggemann’s sonic styles. Opening with a myriad of atmospheric synths, ‘Sharpless 248’ builds into a seis- mic drop, before a hefty bassline and series of enlightened drum claps kick in to take the vibe straight to the dance floor. Staying true to the AEON sound aesthetic, Alex Niggemann’s influence can be heard instantly and throughout the track.

Next up, title track ‘Monogahlea’ breaks ground with cleverly pieced together synth interchanges and takes the whole re- lease too an even deeper level, with a decidedly underground bassline and series of bubble-like beat interludes. This record goes a long way to show off Speaking Minds’ huge produc- tion talents and effortlessly illustrate their flair for building at- mosphere throughout their releases.

Rounding off the package is a club ready weapon from label newcomer Denis Horvat. The Danish powerhouse manages to keep the track completely cohesive on the release while masterfully working his own sonic imprint into the original. Cleverly reworking the drums and edgy basslines, Horvat’s synths glide dexterously over the complex beat formations on what is a subtle dancefloor banger, suitable for the main room and the sunset terrace.

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