Album artwork for Moon EP

Moon EP Aaaron / Deckert / Valentine Romanski

Release date: June 22, 2018
Cat No: Connected 028
Barcode: 880319929915
9,20 €
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Following up their highly acclaimed debut collaboration ‘Last Day on Earth’ (L.D.O.E.), the trio from Berlin took it literally and decided to leave this planet’s orbit behind. An introductory Epilogue A1.‘Prologue (Don’t Panic)’ sets the tone for the journey to come.Harmoniously but pulsing the traveler leaves the earths gravitational force to reach the title track A2. ‘Moon’ . an emotional touching and growing Deep House art piece. B. ‘Point of no Return’ at last leaves the bounding limitations of contemporary club music behind by exploring a completely distinct soundscape, even referencing a certain 80s pop vibe. One thing is for sure: The voyage is just beginning. Godspeed! Moon Made on Earth by Humans

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