Album artwork for More... I Like It

More... I Like It Adolf Stern

Release date: July 16, 2021
Cat No: Bstx017
Barcode: 4250101434013
15,90 €
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Obscure and sought after italian electronic release, but also another extraordinary 70s output from the legendary Regson Studio of Milan (remembering in 1976 ''Funky Bump'' and a year later ''Disco Shitan'', both produced by Pino Presti). The eclectic brother of Vangelis (chit> he was playing keyboards like him), helped by Yorgos Pentzikis for the ''vocoder'' vocals, reached the right sound for one of the craziest electronic disco song now available for for the first time on 12, containing also the unreleased instrumental version. Nikos Papathanassiou in 1976 achieving success with the disco-hit ''U'' by Chrisma, but Maurizio Arcieri (cousin of Pino Presti and Chrisma's leader), moved towards new-wave and punk. So for the orchestral conducting of a new cosmic-disco project titled MoreI Like It he involved Rodolfo Grieco who later produced in the emerging genre of Italo-Disco great classics like ''Going Crazy'' by Lily Ann.''

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