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Morgenrot Die Wilde Jagd



Release date: December 6, 2019
Cat No: minimood021
Barcode: 4250101412264
19,90 €
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Re-Release of the record originally released on 2019-12-06!

The second instalment of minimood's multidisciplinary fusion series features Die Wilde Jagd with an extensive rework of the neo-romantic ’Morgenrot’ as well as a vast array of diverse remixes by Ancient Methods, CV313, Luigi Tozzi, Roman Flügel, Rude 66, Steve Bug, The KVB, Vactrol Park, and Variant. This gatefold 3x12" vinyl only release is visually enhanced with intricate hand-drawn artwork including inlay by Dusseldorf based artist Susanne Giring. Written and recorded by Sebastian Lee Philipp with his Uhrwald Orange studio collaborator Ralf Beck, ’Morgenrot’ originally appeared on Die Wilde Jagd's debut album in 2015. For this release, Philipp and Beck re-visited the song: the ensuing ‘Fangschuss Version' enjoys an augmented arrangement, additional instrumentation and a haunting guest vocal by New- Zealand based singer Nina Siegler. In Philipp’s words, the 'Fangschuss Version' constitutes “a venture to capture the spirit that has been guiding this fusion release - a desire to explore the concepts of friendship, time, distance and memory. An attempt to unveil fragments of the unseen and to reveal the surge of a distant remembrance in an embracive listening experience." 'Morgenrot' subsequently gets a highly varied remix treatment by a range of carefully selected artists. While Vactrol Park navigate the original audio material into beautiful ambient territory, Ancient Methods showcase an epic masterpiece of enchanting medieval-vibed techno. The KVB turn the track into a dreamy cold-wave trip and Rude 66 dives into a dark, primetime, anthemic dimension. For Roman Flügel, it’s a slow, organic, starry-eyed approach and Luigi Tozzi transforms 'Morgenrot' into hypnotic & loopy, minimal, deep techno. The rework by Steve Bug plays with the original's melody and a danceable kosmische-infused house cut emerges. The final two remixes are both crafted by legendary Echospace Detroit mastermind Stephen Hitchell: absorbing deep trips into mesmerizing dubtechno by CV313 and into foggy lo-fi ambient by Variant.

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